Growing Industrial Hemp in Africa


SESEA is the first producer in West-Africa of HEMP fibers for the growing eco-textile market.

SESEA is growing Hemp for  industrial uses. We work with farmers in West-Africa to cultivate Hemp. Due to the optimal climate and soil conditions we can produce Hemp fibres for high quality textiles. With two crops a year and introduced as a mixed-crop Hemp multiplies the farmers revenue. 

Hemp is making a come-back in today's economy. Hemp as a raw material knows numerous applications. It can be used for construction material, in cosmetics, food, package materials,  the leaves can serve for nutritive fodder.

It is only a matter of time that a HEMP-based industry will be flourishing in Africa, now that Canada, China and Europe starts to experience it’s benefits. HEMP-based industry shows positive results in  poverty alleviation, develops new markets, creates employment and  provides high impact solution on climate change related problems and ecological restoration.

Hemp doesn't need chemicals not in production, neither in processing, it is Sesea ‘s goal -to prove that HEMP can be the perfect catalyser towards an organic, bio-based and circular economy. 

All Hemp-made products are eco-friendly and users-friendly.

As Sesea, we feel fortunate to work with this amazing plant.