Our Services


Production and Sales


  • produces Hemp fiber for the Dutch(European market)
  • produces Hemp fiber for the local market and other Hemp based products
  • Matches offer and demand and networksupport
  • Develops social responsible business models with farmers


SESEA advocates for the promotion of Hemp industry in Africa

  • Network support, through mediation (bilateral relations N-S)
  • Conducting multi-stakeholders strategically planning (PSP)
  • Advocacy on legislation: licensees by international codes and standards

 Research & Product  Development

SESEA conduct research on HEMP agribusiness on the African continent

  • Environmental and Social Impact Studies, institutional and market analysis for countries opening up to Hemp production.
  • Creating knowledge exchange platforms on HEMP Production in Africa
  • Concept development, proposal writing, feasibility studies, M&E, EIS for HEMP based products
  • Capacity building through entrepreneurial and vocational training for young professionals in Africa HEMP processing, preservation technologies and packaging